About Us

Barok as term stands for the Guild which is an association of craftsmen and merchants in a particular trade. The earliest types of guild were formed during Ottoman period.
Barok has been established at provincial level as an association of rug weavers to control and to regulate its members' professional activities since 1989.
The tasks of Barok are observation the production processes, the quality of the goods and to provide and share out good quality of raw meterials amoung its members.
Beside determining the rules and regulations in production processes the main task of Barok the reinforcement of regulations for protection of consumers' right.

Our Values;

Creativity and innovation are key parts of our operational activities and our entrepreneurial character. Customer happiness is the focal point of our firm and as a result we treat our carpets like works of art and present them to the tastes of all art and carpet lovers.
To pass on our cultural heritage to future generations.
To carry the Turkish carpet culture to new dimensions.
To embody in our works our moral values, history, and traditions.
As Barok Carpet, we embrace quality as a way of life and we aim for the highest level of quality in every business endeavor and every good we produce.


Every carpet, with its patterns, resembles a collection of messages, beliefs and symbols. They are declarations of ...

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Throughout history, people have insulated themselves against the climatic variations of their homelands by ...

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Carpets Care

Both Carpets and Kilims like other textiles, need some care and attention such as occasional cleaning...

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Wool Dyeing
and Colours

What we refer to as root dyes, the dyes employed in rugs, are obtained from the leaves of various plants, from their roots, and from their fruit...

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Carpet Weaving
in Anatolia

Carpet production is considered a cultural tradition and art. Carpets and kilims are an integral part of everyday life in Turkey. Carpets and kilim have been used by ...

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The outline of a carpet loom looks like a wooden frame. Warp threads are vertically wound around the loom parallel to each other, depending ...

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Rug Weaving

The sophistication of the decorative arts of the Muslim world is reflected in the colors and the patterns of the kilims that follow...

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Carpet & Rugs procedures at reasonable prices
Our Mission;

To grow and develop in our activities and to become, in our sector, the most chosen and powerful brand, known for its work and preservation of art.To pass on our cultural heritage to future generations. To carry the Turkish carpet culture to new dimensions.

Our Vision;

To produce the best and most valuable examples of the


Turkish weaving art by continuing to invest in new technologies and human talent.


To complete this magical journey from the past to the future in the company of all art lovers.


To make the pleasure of carpets dance alive in all our customer's homes.

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