Wool Dyeing and Colours:

Carpet Weaving in Anatolia


Rug Weaving



What we refer to as root dyes, the dyes employed in rugs, are obtained from the leaves of various plants, from their roots, and from their fruit. Every region in which carpet weaving is carried out possesses pasturage where the dyes used for dying wool may be obtained. Such pasturage is called boyalik (literally; "dye pot"). The plants used for obtaining dye growing in these pastures are specially raised, and these formulas have over the centuries entered the daily lives of carpet weavers, and thus Anatolian carpet making has always characteristics.

Red: is obtained from the bark of the red pine and from the leaves of the hazelnut tree
Navy Blue,Blue: From Indigo (çivit otu)
Yellow: yellow and its varying tones from broom and from the flowers, stems and roots of plants such as sumac, spurge, and saffron,dahlia (dalya-yıldız çiçeği),iris,daisy Brown: brown from branch and bark of alder (kızıl ağaç), chestnut and red pine, the bark of gall oak and black oak, black oat root, leaves of the walnut tree and walnuts;
Green: from wild mint;
Black: from sumac and soot;
Beside root and leaves of plants used in dyeing other meterials are being used such as rocks, sea shells and minerals.

Colored rocks and earth;
Red and shades of red are being obtained from rocks and earth. Ruddle is being extracted from the earth which is red or dark smoke clay. According the amount of iron hydroxide in ruddle we may get different shade of rust color.

Shellfish and insects;
Magenta and purple: which are being obtained from the gland of murex and purpura
from insect red bettle -cochineal Minerals;
Yellow: From potassium which can be obtained from chromate arsenic sulfade
Blue:Can be obtained by mixing copper vitriol with lime.


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